Playful Kiss is a Korean version of the hit Taiwanese drama, ‘It Started With A Kiss’ … As a review, it is obviously rushed, maybe because of its low ratings in S. Korea, that some parts of the stories are not much detailed, comparing to its original version.

But the sweet scenes has a heart warming effects on girls, especially to girls like me, who’s been liking the same guy for many years.

Kin Hyun Joong and Jung So Min, has a good chemistry on-screen that it looks like they are really comfortable on what they are doing on the scenes.

Playful Kiss

Watching Playful Kiss, made me relate into it, too much! Unlike, any other koreanovelas that are so idealistic and all about dreaming. Its impact on me, is not that good, coz’ im envying the story’s lead character.

Another thing, watching it, made me think of what ifs, it is known that the role, ‘Oh Ha-Ni’ was first offered to Park Shinhye, from the hit Asian series, You’re Beautiful. Sometimes, I am seeing Oh Ha ni as Shin hye with my eyes, but as watching the series I learned to appreciate Jung So-min’s acting abilities. She may not be that pretty, but her resemblance with Yoon Eun-hye, made me easily like her.


The ending was not detailed, but it’s understandable because everyone knows what happened to its ratings. Thanks to Kim Hyun Joong whom have proven his Hallyu star status with the advertisements of this series.

Kim Hyun Joong Hallyu star status

Im planning to watch the special episode of Youtube’s Playful Kiss Special Episodes, one of these days, Eek!:)

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