This k-pop drama got me on its first episodes; A rich-clean freak guy meets the troublesome Gong Ah Jung and pretended a marriage. Everything was like so funny, humorous and heart racer til they realized they both like each other.

What my problem with this is they forced the marriage to happen; and it was like in the story the marriage doesn’t benefit much to the guy’s party where he hardly used the girl for her business which was the major reason for agreeing to a marriage contract unlike Gong AH Jung’s case where she always makes use of the contract.

The past makes a comeback is another conflict; Hyun Gi Joon was like running always to the girl from the past and with their not-that-much sweet scenes I was surprise to see he had fallen to Ah Jong already. There’s so much conflicts in this story made me find the plot at the near end a bummer. But the ending was awesome and this is still a good past time drama to watch.

I also find the PD of the show a ‘Belieber‘ (JBieber fans) for always using Justin Bieber’s songs in the backgroud at any settings.

LIE TO ME will be soon aired on GMA.

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