The story started with Jung Yong Hwa’s character having a vacation and has seen a girl whom he didn’t even clearly see the face. This scene was not clearly emphasized in the start, but will be somewhat a ‘goosebumps’ scene in the latter episode.

Yonghwa’s character, Lee Sin likes a professor who has a former lover that’s working as a director in his alma mater where the two lead stars of the story are studying. Park Shin Hye’s character, Lee Gyu Won on the other hand will make all girl viewers be delusional about their love life as dramas like Playful Kiss (It Started With A Kiss) likes the lead male, Lee Sin. I will nearly find this drama as cliché if they didn’t able to make Lee Gyu Won pretend hard to get and acts like she doesn’t like Lee Sin.

As a viewer, I find it annoying whenever Lee Gyu Won is running after with Lee Sin all the time but that how the plot goes and this is my review. I also hate how the plot always centers to Lee Gyu Won. In the start, everything seems to be about her. I understand that she’s the lead star, but better dramas, rotates the story to other character that would have affect the lead cast. That would have been a better plot strategy. The last 3 episodes seems to give the plot that I want when Hee Joo became the lead for the musical.

Sad it may seem because of Shin Hye‘s car accident the drama was made to 15 episodes. One thing I also notice is that the story progresses slowly in the first episodes and it was rushed to end in the last episodes.

I also noticed that they used the former shows and love teams of both Park Shin Hye & Jung Yong Hwa to some parts of the story. Maybe, just to get higher ratings, because just to let this blog reader knows, Heartstrings (MBC) rival in ratings in South Korea is City Hunter (SBS) which stars Lee Min Ho. Going back to read my blog about this thing read it here.

This drama is also musical drama, but I would still prefer my readers to watch KBS’ Dream High first before watching this. You can compare these two musical dramas clearly. Yong Hwa & Shin Hye’s reunion drama proves that they really have a chemistry they way they had when they were with Jang Geun Suk & SNSD’s Seo Hyun. Park Shin Hye’s fashion in this series may look like odd but it’s really amazing and awesome that makes me want to wear a long skirt while Jung Yong Hwa’s fashion here is as the same as a typical guy, same Yong Hwa seen in We Got Married! The hair color is the only thing that was changed. Lastly, I also commend Park Shin Hye’s acting here that is so realistic, she has really grown as an actress and proves her hallyu star status.

Heartstrings is a feel good musical series that would make any viewer fall in love. It also focuses on achieving, dreaming & soaring high to fly. CN Blue’s Kang Minhyuk and Jung Yong Hwa are also here that will make a k-Pop lover appreciate more the hallyu wave.



  1. sana 4:30 pm nlng ang heartstrings para mapanood ko at ng ibang mga kapamilya para mas lalong tumaas ang raitings ng abs-cbn dahil mas marami ang makakapanood kung ganong oras ipapalabas ang heartstrings .lalo na ang mga fans ng heartstrings na katulad ko sana po mapagbigyan nyo ang kahilingan ko thank you poh no.1 ang abs-cbn thruly kapamilya ..!!! 🙂


  2. …mas maganda po sana kung ipinapalabas ang heartstrings after ng pbb unliday para po palaging nakakapanuod ang mga HS students..NAKAKA.ADIK PO TALAGA..SANA PO .E.INVITE NIYO ANG CAST NG HEARTSTRINGS DITO SA PILIPINAS,..!



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