Well, I didn’t expect this drama will be my new favorite drama. Because Im a girl, I admit, I watched this because of Cho Hyun Jae whom I really admire since sophomore high school by watching his dramas; Only You, Three dads and One mommy & Forbidden Love (Gumiho). On the other hands Jung Il Woo whom I’ve know because of his role in High Kick made me also curious to watch this.

So as always Jo Hyun Jae’s acting is still as effective as before. I learned to love HAN KANG. And it made me really think what if I was Ji Hyun.

This story about 49 day travel to correct and live again is a must watch. It made me really crazy and give me goosebumps on what will going to happen. Because this drama is like a suspense drama, I was really hooked into it especially the story is more about love.

I’d like to commend whoever the writer of 49 DAYS, for a wonderful plot and really amazing twists.

I HAVE TO SAY, THIS IS A: 4.9/5 rating. Better than Secret Garden.

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