A blogger from exploring the world of Korean Wave also known as Hallyu /hal-yoo/ with the eagerness to share all my sentiments and opinions about the Korean scene; from drama to k-pop. 🙂

I’m also posting some personal experiences and feelings about my personal life that could possibly beat the best Korean drama anyone has ever watched.


Even though I am not the best when it comes to scribbling my thoughts, writing has always been my therapy. In fact, it is proven to be very therapeutic as it aware people of one’s feeling and getting recognized for whatever emotion one has been dealing with.

My life is a long road with obstacles, distractions and dreads but it also has a family, friends, fun challenges, experiences and lessons. Since I want to state my emotion, by all means, with all my heart. I make blogging easier when I write a pretend letter to someone. Other than a letter, I have a tendency to make metaphorical poems deal with my feelings. I am in love with the idea of meaning between the lines, when I just don’t feel like expounding on my thoughts, being complicated is my best therapy.

This site has been very personal to me. I have been writing here since 2010 and since then I document my thoughts, photos, travels, reviews and lifestyle on this site that I consider as a letter to my readers, wanting to connect to everyone.

I hope whatever I had (and have been going) gone through could inspire people that there’s always a rainbow after a storm and everything shall pass in God’s time. And may the sweetness of life remind everyone that life is not just about drama, there’s comedy, fun and romance as well! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “ABOUT THE BLOGGER

  1. hi try watching my lovely sam soon i’m sure you’ll like watching it the leading man was played by the leding man of secret garden but he was more handsome this time.


  2. Hi, Krish! Still remember me? 😊

    Anyway, I just wanna say love the theme of your blog, especially your signature! 😍 If I may ask, what site/server do you use for your site? I wanna get it too but of course, I’d choose a diff theme! 😉 Message me, okay?

    Pam Eonnie


    1. Hi, Pam! 🙂

      How could I forget my fangirl sister? How are you? I tried messaging you on Twitter, but I forgot your username. My bad…

      I’m a free wordPress.com user too, I just paid for my own domain here in WP then the rest is free. I tried using wordPress.org but it is too complicated for me, however, you can try both depending on your preference (control vs freedom).

      Anyway if you have any questions, please pm me. 🙂

      (Ilovesukkiehye) =))


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