REVIEW: 2PM’S Jun K. Alive

So ‘I AM A HOTTEST’ (2PM & 2AM fans)! And I must admit, that Jun K or Junsu is my most not-so-liked member in 2PM. I don’t know why! Maybe because of he’s the least handsome or whatsoever.

When I first read an article in AllkPop that he’ll be having a solo album! I was really mad or throwing tantrums over JYPE’s twitter. HAHA! ‘Why does it have to be him?’, ‘It must be the one who’s acting leader first, which is Ok Taecyeon!’ Stuffs like that.

And then I viewed the video and I find it somewhat BigBang’s GDragon rap style somewhere where JunKi’s rapping. Actually I find the whole song, a GD song, if you understand what I actually mean. But the ‘This is, this is, this is’ part in the first stanzas, is causing me to have a LAST SONG SYNDROME; with just a single listening experience, the whole day; I was singing the ‘This is…’ part which I wrote here as a compliment to JunKi’s composing ability.

The song might be like a G-Dragon song, but the way he sing it and rap it, he proves that he can actually match with the BIGBANG leader! No wonder, that’s why he’s the voice of 2PM.

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