[2122-vid]-My girlfriend is a Gumiho Director’s cut [Interview] (via ♥Leeseunggiworld~~All About Lee Seung Gi♥)

THIS DRAMA IS WORTH WATCHING. I never thought id like this the way i never thought i’d like you.

Translation: kr to Chinese by yaoyaoyufei, China Cafe Chinese to English by Eunice@soompi Vido Credit : 值得昇藏的敏兒 @youku 1.The scene that I wish I can retake is from the last ep. Where Daewoong reunited with Miho. Because they were surrounded and were only 3m away from the students, I was not really able to express my emotion even though I tried my very best. 2. In the drama, the acting skills that I’m most confident with is … Read More

via ♥Leeseunggiworld~~All About Lee Seung Gi♥

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